Ethiopia is the newest destination to be added to our list of African destinations. With several endemic wildlife species including the beautiful Ethiopian Wolf (endemic), Abyssinian Hare, Klipspringer, Giant Mole Rats and different species of grass rats are some of the mammals that we expect to see in the unusual African moorland regions. Zebras, Gazelles, Antelopes and the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest found only in Ethiopia and high in the Simian mountains Gelada Baboons (we also have a specialist birding itinerary). Ethiopia has an incredibly varied mix of tribes and cultures and these must form part of any safari to the regions. From the modern cosmopolitan capital, Addis Ababa to the highlands of the Siemen Mountain, from the historic Axum civilization to the holiest place in Ethiopian Orthodox church, Lalibela, from the exotic Surma to the land of the Hamar people, and from the Megalithic Cushities of Konso, to the singing wells of Borana, 

We offer you a few itineraries that combine as much as possible and importantly expert local guides with insight into the riches of this ancient country. 

Our partner in country has 20 staff (10 guides, 5 Supporting staff, 5 cooks ) and 10 Toyota land cruisers. With full camping logistic supplies of tents, mattress, and kitchen materials that enabled us to create individual itineraries for you, on request.

Available Safaris
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