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Safari: The Kafue Safari

A Kafue Safari in Zambia is bound to take your breath away. The Kafue is home to possibly the greatest diversity of wildlife species of any African National Park. 

A Kafue Safari is simply breathtaking. I think it's fair to say only a Kafue safari has that feeling of true, absolute solitude where you genuinely feel you have the entire bush to yourself. It's quite possible to see more than 40 different mammals and over 150 bird species (there are 495 recorded) in just a single week in the Kafue. That's almost unheard of anywhere else, which makes Zambia a very special place.

Animals you can expect to see on a Kafue Safari in Zambia

With an especially high number of Antelope species inhabiting all of the key ecosystems (including Sable, Roan, Lechwe, Reedbuck, Deffassa Waterbuck to name just a few) there are quite naturally a high density of predators to see as well. Lions are a big feature of the Kafue and remain a favourite with many of our Kafue Safari clients. So too are leopards but also watch out for serval, African Wild Cat, cheetah and caracal. 

Busanga: We are the leading experts for a Kafue Safari

Busanga are the recognised experts if you're looking to book a Kafue Safari, and are experts on Zambia as a whole. Our experience means we are able to make suggestions to ensure you get the very best from your Kafue Safari. The kind of safari you will remember and talk about for years to come. For the Kafue Safari of a lifetime, call Busanga Safaris today on +44 (0) 1628 621685 or email us at

Tyrone Mckeith  Camp Manger/Owner, Hon Kafue Safari Wildlife officer 

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Welcome to Wild Zambia Volunteers - We are putting some thing back 

Busanga Safaris are proud to offer details of this not-for-profit wildlife conservation volunteer program, allowing us and you to support vitally important wildlife conservation efforts in Zambia's wonderful Kafue National Park, which is the spiritual home of Busanga Safaris.

Wild Zambia Volunteers is name of Game Rangers International Volunteer Program. Our website will give you all the information on volunteering. 

There are oportunities for field work - Elephant orphanage support - Community Awareness projects.

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Wild Zambia Volunteers
Wild Zambia Volunteers
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