Philip Jeffery





BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation - Camp owner / Manager / Guide / Hon zambian wildlife police officer.

Zambian born and brought up in Lusaka Phil has a wonderfully engaging personality and encyclopaedic knowledge was started by his wildlife researcher and pro pilot father from a very young age, Phil has limitless passion for the bush and has been a professional guide and been responsible for guide training for Wilderness safaris in the Zambia since graduating with Tyrone (which is where they first met) at the Durrell Institute. At the forefront of initiatives to support antipoaching activities in conjunction with the Zambian Wildlife authorities he is of a very few who really knows the Kafue. Phil is currently working hard to establish Jeffery & McKeith safaris there new safari camp  Musekese and mobile safaris in the Kafue where quality mobile camping will be combined with simply the best and most enthusiastic guiding that the Kafue has ever seen.

Phil is a honorary Zambian Wildlife police officer a recognition of his conscientious efforts to protect the wildlife and environment of the Kafue.

Phil will be taking several mobile safaris in 2014 which you will find in our website.

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