Ask Tony what got him into doing what he does and you might expect a profound answer, but the answer is refreshingly simple and honest, and a metaphor for how he runs Busanga safaris. 
"A child of the Attenborough generation", inspiration came from television and living close to a safari park, where his understanding mother would take him over and over again. Travel has always been part of Tony's life searching out wildlife from China to the Congo and so there was a certain inevetibility about the future, In 1999 Busanga Safaris was formed, firstly as a hobby, then to supplement Tyrone through University, and having lived and worked in the bush for part of each of the last 10 years, including managing a remote bush camp in Zambia's South Luangwa, these days safari is much more of a life style than a job.

Always available to answer any questions relating to your safari and especially happy to talk endlessly about the wildlife you are likely to see or may wish to encounter. Tony leads several set date safaris each year which he enjoys enormously and is available to escort you on your safari to help you get the most from your safari.  

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