Tyrone McKeith




BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation - Camp owner / Manager / Guide / Hon zambian wildlife police officer.

Tyrone gives talks about his life and experiences living on safari at all the major travel shows, also a guest speaker at Eton College's Shackleton Society and a contributor to the Zambia tourism website, and many internet wildlife magazines and forums.

Tyrone has safaried in Kenya, Malawi, Botswana, South America and the Far east.

2013 saw Tyrone start his own safari operation with his friend Philip Jeffery. Jeffery & McKeith Safaris brings the first walking safaris to the Kafue since Norman Carr was the Head warden in the 1950's, and the creation of Musekese a small and very traditional safari camp where walking trails to areas never previously walked by visitors, river safaris and game drives combine with peaceful hours spent in wildlife hides to take visitors under the skin of the Kafue.

Tyrone & Phil recently guided a small group of guests on a 130 Km walking safari the longest on record by tourists, and took a top international BBC film crew on to the Busanga plains for a month which earned them very high praise including the comment from the producer that they were the "heart of the Kafue".

Tyrone will be guiding a number of our set date safaris to the Kafue in 2014 which you will find in our website.

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