Meet the Busanga team

Busanga Safaris have been successfully arranging safaris for clients since 1999 and have enjoyed a steady growth in our safari activities and diversification of our destinations. We run things with care and attention to detail, fully insured and bonded for our guests safety and financial security.

Our main criterion when choosing a safari destination is the wildlife which we will encounter. The camps that we use were selected because they appealed to us when we stayed there as guests or friends and because they offer good guides with extensive local knowledge.

We really care that our guests have an outstanding safari that very often results in them returning for future expeditions. As testament to this we arrange around half of our safaris for repeat clients, or through personal recommendations, in addition to new clients who come to us through our website or from advertising in publications such as BBC Wildlife magazine and increasingly by word of mouth and a growing reputation.

In addition to the various small group set date safari ideas that we offer we can also arrange safaris that are tailored to your requirements. Just let us know what you have in mind and your budget and we will come back to you with some suitable itineraries.


Founder-safari consultant and guide. 
Ask Tony what got him into doing what he does and you might expect a profound answer, but the answer is refreshingly simple and honest, and a metaphor for how he runs Busanga safaris. READ MORE



BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation - Camp owner / Manager / Guide / Hon zambian wildlife police officer.

Literally spending every spare moment on safari from a very young age


Profesional Wildlife Photographer - Guide

Passionate about wildlife and photography. Tom's Infectious enthusiasum for the subject rubs of on guests.


Professional Wildlife Photographer - Guide

Drew has a wealth of
photographic and natural history knowledge gathered from his experiences traveling the world.



BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation - Camp owner / Manager / Guide / Hon zambian wildlife police officer.
born and brought up in Africa, Phil has a wonderfully engaging personality and encyclopedic knowledge.


Safari Tour leader 
Has been a regular visitor to East and South Africa, for many years, like so many off us, initially visiting the Masai Mara, where she was immediately bitten by the safari bug.


Professional safari guide
who lives in Zimbabwe with his wife and two sons and has been in the safari industry since 1994. Doug did his first canoe trip down the Zambezi River at the age of 12.


We hope you agree that this website is full of extraordinary wildlife images. The majority of the images we have used were taken by members of our team or our guests who consistently come up with amazing results . 

Of course we have also used some images provided by the individual camps that we use in our safaris and some wildlife images provided by pro photographers especially where they are relevant to the safari experience these include Dana Allen & Mike Myers. Also our friend, skilled guide, and very talented pro wildlife photographer Grant Atkinson.

The list of our guests who have contributed is long and I am very sorry if I don't mention every one, but we would like to especially mention the following:

Sue & Rob Brookes, provided some incredible action at Kaingo & Mambwa camps. Lion fighting a Buffalo is stunning as it the Croc trying to grab an Impala. 

Gordon Uprichard, whose work includes (amongst others) both the Cheetah hunting a Thompsons Gazelle and the fighting Impala both of which you will see on the main gallery.

Malcolm Schuyl, a very skilled photographer who has contributed imagaes of some rare mammals taken in the Kafue, Look out for the Pangolin on our main gallery and A superb shot of a rarely seen Bush pig in the Kafue (Chimbembe safari) and a beautiful Leopard to name just a few . Visit Malcolms  website/gallery here for many more immages from Zambia and beyond.

Martine Jasmin, has come up with some amazing shots especially of birds and Elephants.

Ivor Williams, photos from his latest safari this time to Tanzania's Ruaha & Rufiji.

Alex Paul, a gentleman and excellent Photographer.

Tony Reader, who gave us a great portrait of a beautiful Red Lechwe.

John Harrington, a prolific amateur photographer & video maker. Including an amazing Lion Hunt video which has been watched more than 2 million people click here to watch 

Jim Wain, whose pin sharp Lilac breasted roller is used on the No Single Sup link.

John Dennis, contributed some fantastic images  his most recent images from the Lower Zambezi.

John Davies, has provided some great pictures from Zimbabwe and especially wild dogs on the Kafue Luangwa safari.

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